If you want to use our file link to your site just use this format. If you need any help just mail us with subject “Webmaster

*Embed example*

***/embed.php?id=File id here

*Thumb Example*

https://mydesi-static.b-cdn.net/thumb/ {fileID}.jpg

Custom setting:

Aspect Ratio Crop: ?aspect_ratio=1:1,16:9,2:4

Brightness: ?brightness=1-99

Height: ?height=xxx

Width: ?width=xxx

Example:https://mydesi-static.b-cdn.net/thumb/ {fileID}.jpg?height=300&width=200

*Trailer Example*


https://mydesi-static.b-cdn.net/trailer/ {fileID}.mp4



*** IF you used our Mp4 Direct URL, Mybe be it will changed result Not work in your site so please use Embed code and its ads free.

*** For protect our server we set per 10 sec 1 request per Ip limit, If you have a good traffic site then mail us so we can remove the limit for your site.